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Course Page for Political Science 209 -- Texas A&M University -- Fall 2017

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Schedule for Polisci 209 – FALL 2017 (as of September 27, 2017)

Class Schedule

Week 1

Monday, August 28th: What are we doing in this class?

Wednesday, August 30st: Questions

Friday, September 1st: Models

Week 2

Monday, September 4ht: Getting started in R

Wednesday, September 6th: Causal Inference

Friday, September 8th: Catching Up + Loading data into R & Histograms

Week 3

Monday, September 11th: Catching Up + Histograms in R

Wednesday, September 13th: Catching Up + Average and SD

Friday, September 15th: Starting Writing Assignment 1

Week 4

Monday, September 18th: Average and SD in R + Normal Approximation

Wednesday, September 20th: Catch-up Normal Approximation

Friday, September 22th: Measurement + Measurement Exercise

Week 5

Monday, September 25th: Scatterplots and Correlation

Wednesday, September 27th: Scatterplots and Correlation in R

Friday, September 29th: Regression

Week 6

Monday, October 2th: Regression

Wednesday, October 4th: Regression in R

Friday, October 6th: Review for Exam

Week 7

Monday, October 9th: Exam Review

Wednesday, October 11th: Exam 1

Friday, October 13th: Exam 1 Results

Week 8

Monday, October 16th: Regression error RMS

Wednesday, October 18th: - Notes on Regression in R & Multiple Regression

Friday, October 20th: Probability, Part 1

Week 9

Monday, October 23rd: Getting Started on Writing Assignment 2

Wednesday, October 25th: Probability, Part 2

Friday, October 27th: Law of Averages

Week 10

Monday, October 30: Expected Value and Standard Error

Wednesday, November 1st: Normal Approximation for Probability Histograms

Friday, November 3rd: Sample Surveys I

Week 11

Monday, November 6th: Sample Surveys II

Wednesday, November 8th: The Accuracy of Percentages

Friday, November 10th: The Accuracy of Percentages

Week 12

Monday, November 13th: Surveys in the Real World

Wednesday, November 15th: The Accuracy of Averages

Friday, November 17th: Class Canceled, Prof at conference

Week 13

Monday, November 20th: Alumni Panel

Wednesday, November 22nd

Turkey Break!

Week 14

Monday, November 27th: Null hypothesis and Significance test \& More Tests for Averages

Wednesday, November 29nd:

Friday, December 1st: A closer look at significance

Week 15

Monday, December 4th: Maps in R

Wednesday, December 6th