Working Papers & Work in Progress

Working Papers:

The impact of beneficial ownership transparency on illicit purchases of U.S. property - With Matthew Collin and David Szakonyi. Brookings Working Paper 170.

The Origin of Universities in Europe, 800-1800. – With Jan H. Pierskalla (2022)

Capital Endowments and Investments in Fiscal Capacity: Evidence from 19th Century Prussia – (2022) - (please email for current version)

When the Social Contract Breaks: Fiscal CapacityModerates the Link between Taxation and Voting – With Jessica Gottlieb (2022) - (please email for current version)

Universities and Democratization – With Jan H. Pierskalla and Janica Magat (2020) - (please email for current version)

The Political Consequences of Private Equity: Evidence from U.S. Leveraged Buyouts - With David Szakonyi - (please email for current version)

Fiscal Capacity, Preferences over Taxation, and Distributional Consequences: Evidence from Survey Experiments - With Jessica Gottlieb and Thiago Moreira PAP - (please email for current version)